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Government of India with UNESCO and the United Nations University's unit on policy-driven electronic governance (UNU-EGOV) are organizing the 10th  edition of ICEGOV – The International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance – in March 2017, in New Delhi.

The objectives of the ICEGOV series resonate with the participative and inclusive ethos and intent of our FLAGSHIP DIGITAL INDIA PROGRAMME, which, under the guidance and leadership at the highest levels in the country, has amplified the focus on e-governance with major thrusts on infrastructure for electronic connectivity, access to e-services in real time, and digital empowerment of citizens.

ICEGOV events feature rich academic, capacity-building and network programme of keynote lectures, plenary discussions, paper tracks (that include tutorials, paper sessions and workshops), thematic sessions, invited sessions, poster exhibitions, and doctoral colloquia, all built from submitted or invited contributions by researchers and experts from around the world.

ICEGOV2017 invites submissions of original work including research, experience or both, not published or considered for publication elsewhere, that contribute to the conference theme “Building Knowledge Societies - From Digital Government to Digital Empowerment”. The submissions can be targeted at one of the several defined tracks.


The conference also welcomes submissions that do not fit within the 12 tracks already outlined but generally address the issues that lie at the intersection of Technology, Governance and Development. In the order of priority:

  1. Contributions that fall at the intersection of all three domains – Technology, Governance and Development, i.e. how Digital Government can contribute to development, and of the highest priority to the conference.
  2. Contributions to the Technology-Governance connection, i.e. the construction of Digital Government with or without the development linkage;
  3. Contributions to the Governance-Development connection, i.e. the role of public governance in advancing development and opportunities for technology.
  4. Contributions to the Technology-Development connection, i.e. the role of technology in advancing development and opportunities for governance.

The development domain may refer to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the World Summit on the Information Society, Digital India or other international or national policy instruments. The domains are outlined in the figure below.


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Papers can be also submitted to the Doctoral Colloquium and as Posters:



FIRST PUBLISHED ON 03-Oct-2016 (Calling for attention on cast date for paper submissions)
REVISION PUBLISHED ON 14-Oct-2016 (Highlighting record breaking paper submissions)