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Dated :07.05.2015


Consequent upon posting/ transfer and relieving/joining of officers, the order dated 16/3/2011 in respect of CPIOs/Appellate Authority(s), is hereby amended. The following officers in the Department of Electronics & Information Technology are designated as Central Public Information Officers(CPIOs) & their Appellate Authorities in respect of specific subject matters mentioned against their names, with immediate effect:-

Central Public Information Officers(CPIOs)
Serial Number CPIO Name/ Designation/ Telephone Number/
Subject Name of Appellate Authority/Designation  Telephone Number/
Fax /e-Mail
1 Shri K. Shashi Kumar
Scientist ‘D’
Telephone: +91-11-24301852
e-Mail: k[dot]shashikumar[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters related to Economic Planning & Strategic Planning Aspects, Plan coordination pertaining to DIT (Annual /Five Year) and Annual Action Plan, and Analysis of performance of electronics and IT industry, Publication of Annual Reports etc Ms. Simmi Choudhary
Tel. No. 24301356
2 Dr. A. K. Garg
Scientist 'E'
Telephone: +91-11-24364799
e-Mail: ajai[at]nic[dot]in
(i) All matters relating to International Co-operation


(ii) All matters related to Innovation & IPR Division. Dr. Debashish Dutta
Scientist G
Telephone: +91-11-24364321
3 Shri Saurabh Ranjan
Scientist B
Telephone: +91-11-24301452
e-Mail: saurabh[dot]ranjan[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to Industrial Policy & Promotion - Electronics and Hardware Manufacturing Smt. Asha Nangia
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24369904
4 Shri D.K.J Lakra
Scientist C
Telephone: +91-11-24301746
e-Mail: dkj[dot]lakra[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in[at]mit[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to Industrial Promotion – Software and ITS, Trade and Investment Promotion of Software Development, Export Strategic for Software Sector Shri S. S. Garg
Scientist G
Telephone: +91-11-24365411
e-Mail: sgarg[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Shri T. Santhosh
Scientist D
Telephone: +91-11-24301781
e-Mail: tsantosh[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to Internet Governance  Shri Dipak Singh
Scientist 'F'
Telephone: 24360160
6 Smt. Meenakshi Agarwal
Scientist ‘C’
Telephone: +91-11-24301573
e-Mail: meenakshi[dot]agarwal[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to E-Infrastructure  Shri Dipak Singh
Scientist 'F'
Telephone: +91-11-24364565
7 Shri D. K. Kalra
Scientist D
Telephone: +91-11-24301286
e-Mail: dkk[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to E-Learning  Shri Dipak Singh
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24364565
TeleFax: +91-11-24362924
e-Mail: dipak[dot]singh[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
8 Shri S. K. Vyas
Scientist D
Telephone: +91-11-24301312
e-Mail: svyas[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to Human Resource Development (HRD) and Productivity & Employment Generation  Shri A. K. Arora
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24363077
Fax: +91-11-24363099
e-Mail: aarora[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
9 Shri Inder Sen
Scientist C
Telephone: +91-11-24301337
All matters relating to Setting up of National Digital Libraries Shri A. K. Arora
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24363077
Fax: +91-11-24363099
e-Mail: aarora[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
10 Shri V.M Gupta
Scientist C
Telephone: +91-11-24301830
All matters relating to National Knowledge Network Shri A. K. Balani
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24364755
e-Mail: akbalani[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
11 Shri Vijay Kumar
Scientist E
Telephone: 91-11-24364726
e-Mail : vkumar[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to   Language Computing Smt. Swarnlata
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24363525
e-Mail: slata[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
12 Smt.Krishna Bidani
Deputy Director
e-Mail: krishnabidani[at]nic[dot]in
All matters relating to e-Governance,CICs and Office Automation Shri Trilok Chandra
13 Shri S.A Kumar
Scientist 'F'
Telephone: +91-11-243611867
e-Mail: skumar[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
i) All matters relating to R&D in Information Technology, e-commerce etc. except matters related to Innovation & IPR Division Shri B. M. Baveja
Scientist 'G'
Telephone: +91-11- 24363071
e-Mail: bmbaveja[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
14 Shri G. Vijay Kumar
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24363072
e-Mail: gkumar[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to R&D in Electronics: Medical Electronics, Telemedicine Electronics Components & Material, Microelectronics, Phototonics and Nano-Technology etc. Dr. Debashsh Dutta
Scientist G
Telephone: +91-11-24364321
e-Mail: dutta[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
15 Smt. Sangita Arora
Scientist E
Telephone: +91-11-24364705
All matters relating to R&D in Convergence, Communications & Broadband Technologies Shri B. M. Baveja
Scientist G
Telephone: +91-11- 24363071
e-Mail: bmbaveja[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
16 Dr. Gaurav Gupta
Scientist D
Telephone: +91-11-24301430 e-Mail: gupta[dot]gaurav[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
All matters relating to Cyber-laws & E-Security & CERT-IN Dr. P.S. Nageshwar Rao
Scientist G
Telephone: +91-11-24301456
e-Mail: pnrao%20AT%20nic[dot]in
17 Shri V.K. Ahuja
Deputy Director
Telephone: +91-11-24301238
e-Mail: vkahuja[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
(i) All matters relating to General -III Section Shri B.D.Sharma
Joint Director
Telephone: +91-11-24363154
(ii)All matters related to O&M Section, Pers.-III and related Personnel Policy matters. Shri R.C. Saluja
Telephone: +91-11-24363082
18 Shri Vinod Kumar
Deputy Director
Telephone: +91-11-24301626
e-Mail: vinodk[dot]dit[at]nic[dot]in
Personnel / Establishment matters related to Gazetted / non-Gazetted officials Shri R.P.Pradhan
Dy. Secretary
Telephone: +91-11-24364591
e-Mail: rp[dot]pradhan[at]nic[dot]in
19 Smt. Sunita Chawla
Telephone: +91-11- 24301472
Matters related to Management of Library Shri R.C. Saluja
Telephone: +91-11-24363082
20 Smt. Revathi S. Kumar
Deputy Director
Telephone: +91-11-24392182
e-Mail: revathi[dot]kumar[at]nic[dot]in
Matters relating to Internal Finance & Expenditure, Plan and Non-Plan Budget Proposals Smt. C.K. Bajaj
Deputy Financial Advisor
21 Shri Surender Jeet
Deputy Director
Telephone: +91-11-24301463
e-Mail: surenderjeet[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
(i)Staff Grievance matters
(ii)Parliamentary matters, Parliamentary Committees and related matters
(iii)Public Grievance matter


(iv)RTI Left-out matters Shri R.C. Saluja,
Telephone: +91-11-24363082
22 Shri Jagmohan Kathait
Deputy Director
Telephone: + 91-11-24301557
e-Mail: jagmohan[dot]kathait[at]nic[dot]in
All matters related to Personnel Policies and accounting in respect of all the autonomous bodies under the DeitY Shri R.P.Pradhan
Telephone: +91-11-24364591
e-Mail: rp[dot]pradhan[at]nic[dot]in
(ii) All matters related to General Coordination (GC) Section Shri R.C. Saluja,
Telephone: +91-11-24363082
23 Shri B.D.Sharma
Joint Director
Telephone: 24301240
e-Mail: bds[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
Engineering and Building related matters, fire, security and protocol Shri R.P.Pradhan
Telephone: +91-11-24364591
e-Mail: rp[dot]pradhan[at]nic[dot]in
24 Shri Hans Raj
Sr. Stores Officer
e-Mail: hans[dot]raj%20AT%20nic[dot]in
All matters related to General-I Section, Stores and Central Registry (CR&A) Section Shri B.D.Sharma
Joint Director
Telephone: +91-11-24301240
e-Mail: bds[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
25 Shri Jagdish Gokhlani
Senior Hindi Officer
Telephone: +91-11-24301712
All matters relating to Raj bhasha (Hindi) implementation.  
26 Smt. Jaqueline Lall,
Section Officer
Telephone: +91-011024301321
e-Mail:jaqueline.lall AT
All matters relating to Vigilance. Smt. Kusum Bhagat,
Deputy Director
Telephone: +91-11-24366433
e-Mail: kusumbhagat[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
27 Shri Prabhat Kumar,
Scientist B
Telephone: +91-11-24301330
All matters pertaining to Office of  Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA) Smt. Harsh Prabha
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24364186
e-Mail: harsh[at]cca[dot]gov[dot]in
28 Shri V.K Chadha
Scientist F
Telephone: +91-11-24301388
e-Mail: vkchadha[at]stqc[dot]nic[dot]in
All matters pertaining to Directorate General of Standardization, Testing & Quality Certification (STQC) Shri Rakesh Maheshwari
Scientist G
Telephone: +91-11-24301384
e-Mail: rakesh[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. M.R. Anand- Nodal Officer
Senior Adviser
Telephone: +91-11-24363135

Contact postal address:
Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi: 110003
e-Mail: webmaster[at]deity[dot]gov[dot]in