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Digital daan is becoming the new way to give

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  • Date Added: Aug 19, 2020
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Case Study

TIMESOFINDIA/TNN AUG-2020 In March Dr Ela Dedhia, a social worker and professor of Textiles & Fashion Technology in Mumbai, was preparing for exams but then the lockdown hit, and it became clear that some of her students didn’t have a laptop or a phone good enough for online classes. “If this was the situation with my own students, I wondered how many others were struggling with this,” says Dedhia. She came up with the idea of device donations – people could donate an old phone, tablet or laptop and she could coordinate with a student who needed it. “I started sending messages on my groups, and initially there was just silence. But I kept reposting and finally started getting responses from people,” she adds. Since  then, Dedhia has facilitated the donations of over 200 devices to students in Mumbai. They, in turn, recommended friends and neighbours who also had no way to access online education.